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Who We Are:

We are a small local marketing company serving locally owned businesses. We feel the best way to support the growth and longevity of our community is by investing our time and energy insuring those individuals and businesses that make Tulsa quirky can thrive among giants. We’re down to earth and gutsy. We want to see the underdog succeed. We want to help you be fearless, dream bigger and make your goals reality because that’s who we are.

Being a locally owned business, we are also investing in the families of those who work with us. Together, we prosper. Our associates range in backgrounds from work-from-home and single parents to Veterans and college students. 

We are a creative nerd army. Creativity is our character and digital data is what we live. We are cohorts; banded together and working as a unified team to provide the sort of quality and reliable service our clients deserve.


What We Do:

We have managed branding, marketing, social media, and websites for clients since 2007. The experience of working hands-on with local business owners is what drives the energy of our company. We fell in love with helping others succeed and that is what has made us successful.


Where We Work:

Tulsa is our base of operations, we are Okie through and through, but provide service nationwide.

Doing What We Love:

We are dedicated to the #SupportLocal mentality! We know that mom-and-pop operations are a major driving force behind our economy, so it is important that they have a level playing field in today’s world of digital competition. We bring strategy, vision and experience to creatively enhance your position among competitors.


Our clients are our inspiration. Our team has over 60 years of collective experience, education and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to build a company's marketing strategy from the ground up or renovate your current strategy.  Our goal is to give you what you need; no more, no less. We know how to navigate the complicated issues that arise in marketing in a down to earth way to simplify your life. 


What We Believe:

Local: Tulsa has a unique flavor; a quirky personality and we love it! Our purpose is to preserve and cultivate our culture by promoting those companies who make Tulsa truly awesome.  We bring the same mentality to clients we serve nationwide.


Growth: We are here to give your goals a road map to success; we bring the start-up growth mentality, experience and strategies to your business, no matter the age of your company. Whether you are seeking to grow from the ground up or reconfigure your current strategy, you are in the right place. Let us transform and grow your business.


Innovation: Implementing great ideas and initiating change to give our clients the best opportunity to develop their customer base and a loyal following.


Reliability: Trust that we are going to do what we said we are going to do. We would rather say that we are not capable of providing the quality of service for the situation than to lose a client because of an avoidable mistake.


Giving: Marketing Cohorts wants to make the world a better place. We want the legacy of our company to be one of giving and compassion. As such, we are dedicated to donating our time, experience and specialization to nonprofit charity organizations both local and international.

Why you can stop looking for your marketing company:

Our bottom line is not about money, it is about the wellbeing of our clients. We will never give you more or less than what you need. Ultimately, we know our success is contingent on yours, so we strive to create the greatest value in all our services. Likewise, our services are customized for each client because we don’t live in a cookie cutter world.


We do our utmost to provide service to clients we believe in. It is personally important to us that we do business with those who hold ethics in the highest regard.


We don’t advertise because we don’t have to. Our reputation is in the word of mouth referrals from our clients.


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Marketing Cohorts

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