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“Well, one of my friends built my website, but I don't seem to be getting any business from it”

Current Client

Listen, it's great that your friend did you a favor but is it really a favor if you're losing business? 
Our team works with clients to develop ideas into messages, messages into powerful content for SEO, and SEO that drives customers to your site. We make it easy for your potential customers to connect with you, giving you the opportunity to build a loyal following. We all know we get what we pay for but our work, it pays for itself. We are successful because we make sure our clients are successful. Isn't that the kind of team you want watching your back?

Marketing Cohorts Creativity
"I just paid a lot of money for my current website"

Current Client

You're here for honesty, and honestly, it sucks to have a beautiful website that doesn't connect you to customers. Website design and development means creating something beautiful and functional. 
At Marketing Cohorts, we believe creativity is strategy. It is about developing ideas to meet objectives. When you are creating your business, don't you want the best tools at your disposal? Let's do it right this time!


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